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#1 DayZ RP

Our server offers a unique experience for everyone to take part in. With our ecosystem, and storylines being player-driven, you have a chance to create the type of RP that you want.

  • This is a role-play server that does not allow killing on sight (Unless in a designated KoS zone)

  • Our zombies are unpredictable and bunch in hordes. Military zombies run, and others walk during the day. At night they all run

  • We have included a number of custom weapons, clothing and item packs all made in-house

  • We have server events, such as treasure hunts, boxing, RP events that expand our server lore, and more

  • Player ran settlements/towns for anyone to base within

  • Escalated RP leading to robberies, hostage taking, torture and more

  • Bi-weekly custom updates to keep the server feeling fresh, and filled with content made by our dev team

#2 Minecraft

All the Mods on the latest version of Minecraft. Some of the mods on the server are Create, Applied Energistics 2, Mekanism and Immersive Engineering!

  • Server Name - Survivalists Smp

  • Server Address - Mc.the-survivalists.net

  • PvP Is Enabled But Random PvP Is Not Allowed.

  • Proximity Voice Chat Mod That Is Optional

  • Ranking System That Allows You To Claim Larger Areas As You Play More!

  • Mod List : Create, Mekansim, Applied Energistics, Immersive Engineering, Simplevoicechat, Rats + 200 Others.

Read before proceeding!

Below you will find our server requirements, read them before verifying and applying.

Donators & Investors

Below you will find information on Donations, Investor tiers & terms and conditions.

Bronze Investor

  • Investor Discord rank + Donator rank

  • Custom in-game sign (Same as the ones that can be found in-game (Create a ticket before subscribing so we can verify that what you want is possible) - DayZ RP

  • Investor only giveaways containing game keys

  • Sneak peeks of our projects & testing phases on our projects

Silver Investor

  • Custom patch | DayZ RP

  • Custom upgraded armband | DayZ RP

  • Custom in-game banner | DayZ RP

  • Custom in-game framed picture | DayZ RP

  • All bronze investor perks

  • Custom in-game book (This can be for your faction/character lore if you'd like) - DayZ RP

  • Custom textured clothing (1 outfit, glowing features aren't allowed (Create a ticket before subscribing so we can verify that what you want is possible) - DayZ RP

  • Painting - DayZ RP

  • Investor only giveaways including Survivalists Merch

  • VIP on the Survivalists Twitch channel

  • All bronze & Silver investor perks

Platinum Investor

  • A custom textured backpack (Create a ticket before subscribing so we can verify that what you want is possible) - DayZ RP

  • Unique custom in-game item (Create a ticket before subscribing so we can verify that what you want is possible(Shirts/Pants not included) - DayZ RP

  • Custom large sign - DayZ RP

  • You can be included in the process of making events for our servers

  • Private voice channel within our Discord

  • All bronze, Silver & Gold investor perks

Diamond Investor

  • 1 extra outfit (2 in total (Create a ticket before subscribing so we can verify that what you want is possible)) - DayZ RP

  • 1 extra patch (2 in total) - DayZ RP

  • 1 extra backpack (2 in total) - DayZ RP

  • Custom neon writing sign - DayZ RP

  • Your name will appear on our website as a legend

  • All bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum investor perks

PayPal Donation

If you wish you can also donate to us via paypal

Terms & Conditions

Any and all donations made to this community will solely be used to help pay for all of the services in which we provide. We do not force anyone to make a donation, nor will we ever do so. It is your responsibility to ensure you can afford all donations that you make, and that by doing so, you are not putting yourself in any financial issues. All donations are non-refundable.You will not be exempt from any of our community/server rules. If you donate and break any of our set rules, you will be treated the same as any other community member. We appreciate any and all donations made to the community, but you will not receive any form of special treatment from any of our staff members.

Donations - Terms & Conditions

Being a donator will not give you any form of special treatment from any of our community representatives, as we appreciate all of our members equally, regardless. Alongside that, we do not expect anybody to donate to the community, it is simply an option for those that wish to do so, and help us pay for all of the services that we provide. This means that 100% of the money gained through donations goes straight back into the community for our members to benefit.Being a donator, you will gain a Discord rank to show that you have contributed to the community, as well as access to donator only giveaways that consist of game keys. In order to receive these perks, you will need to donate a minimum of $5, and leave a note on your donation displaying your Discord username.

Investor - Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions about being an investor, please ask before subscribing!WHEN SUBSCRIBING TO OUR INVESTOR PROGRAM, YOU AGREE TO FOLLOW OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS THROUGHOUT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. IF YOU ARE TO BE FOUND BREAKING THIS AGREEMENT THEN YOU RUN THE RISK OF HAVING YOUR INVESTOR PERKS REVOKED.As stated with donations, we do not expect anybody to subscribe to our investor program, nor will it give you any form of special treatment from anyone who direcly represents out community. Subscribing to our investor program means that you want to help the community financially by donating each month. This program is in place to help pay for all of the services that we provide. This means that 100% of the money gained through this program goes straight back into the community for our members to benefit.Being an investor, you will gain a Discord rank (depending on the tier you sign up to) to show that you have contributed to the community, and plan to do so on a monthly basis, as well as access to investor only giveaways that consist of game keys. There are also other perks that you can receive from the different tiers of Investor, which can be seen below. None of these perks will give anybody any in-game advantages over other players, the most you will receive in-game is textured clothing for your faction. If the item of clothing gives any type of game-changing perk (for example, armor), then you will need to swap that same item for the textured one. You are NOT allowed to sell your in-game investor gear for material gain, whether that be in-game or real life. The only exception to this is if all of your investor gear is given to you in the form of a colour swap.If at any point in time you decide to cancel your subscription, you will lose some of your investor perks. As an investor that has the ability to obtain custom textured clothing for your faction, you will need to remain an investor for at least 3 paid months in order for the clothing to remain private to you. If you cancel before this 3 month period, then your clothing may be made craftable using the in-game tailor profession. You are limited to 2 retextures per payment made. This is because our developers do this for free, and can get very busy at times.

About Survivalists

The Survivalists community was originally founded and announced on May the 21st 2019. With our minds set on creating a warm welcoming, friendly community, we opened up our doors to anyone looking for somewhere to spend their time.Since then we have been able to continuously grow our community, and expand the number of servers that we host. We believe in what we have created, and will stick by it and the members that help us along the way. Survivalists is what thousands consider a home, a family, and a fun place to experience something unique.

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Staff Manager



"I've been playing on the server since day one of its opening and it's really the best RP server out there. I've met a lot of amazing people there, and I can indeed say that I've made some friends for life and that this community is like a second family to me."

Member Since May 21st 2019


"I have been with this Community Since May 2020. It's by far the best DayZ RP server I have played! The RP is organic and amazing! There are several players that have great stories and the RP is just flowing nonstop! Give it a go!"

Member Since May 27th 2020


"Been a part of this community for about a year now, and it's the best one yet I've made some true friends here that will last for years to come. I recommend this server to any DayZ player, I know I've had fun on it and you can too! The community is as good as it can get.. much love survivalist you've brought me a lot of joy! ❤️"

Member Since March 2nd 2021

Island George

“Forget everything you know, all who enter here. The Survivalist team has put so much love and effort into this that it has become something else. It’s not a game anymore, it’s a world.”

Member Since June 2nd 2022


"This is the best RP server hands down, we have a very devoted dev team cranking out original content for the server."

Member Since March 10th 2021

Marnie Moo

"What can I say about this community? There isn’t anything else out there like this. The community itself is welcoming and fun. Happy to help newcomers. The staff are great and always have the best interest of the community in mind. And the game servers! Wow so much fun, be prepared to be addicted."

Member Since November 8th 2019


"Survivalists isn’t just a server to be able to game with friends. Honestly with the amazing work of the Devs and staff they have made it seem like a real-life experience. The friends you meet, the family you form, it all feels real. The people I have met on the island are definitely ones that are going to be sticking around for the long haul. Best role play I’ve ever experienced."

Member Since May 7th 2022